There are two ways a human can interact with Autonomous Goblin Paradise:
1. observe the goblins' autonomous behavior
2. mind-control the goblins

Observer Controls

1. Realm observation

The map in the background shows the approximately 1000 Shires generated at initialization. The outer light-brown area is uninhabitable nothingness. Inhabitable Shires contain four terrain plots that may be brown, green, or blue depending on rainfall, and more or less mountainous depending on altitude. Hover over a plot to see its number, its name, and its encompassing four terrain plots in red. Click on the Shire to view it in the Shire observation panel.

2. Shire observation

The off-yellow box on the right displays information about a Shire. The five boxes in the middle can be clicked to display different types of information.

3. Goblin observation

The off-yellow box on the left displays information about a goblin. At the top under the name is an accurate visualization of the goblin's face. Click for crude animation. There are six boxes in the middle to click for subcategories of information.

4. Time control

The grey box in the middle is a general control panel. Most of it is for avatar control, but it is also necessary for making time pass and stop. Make sure you press "Autopilot off" first. Then you can press "Play/Pause" to control time.

Avatar Controls

The grey box in the middle can be used to manually interfere with the goblins' autonomy. It is currently a major haven for bugs. Using it will likely cause any goblins that interact with the avatar to behave abnormally.